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To celebrate the opening of its fifth research site in Quebec, the Diex Research team announced the news via videoconference hosted by Ms. Suzie Talbot, President. She is thrilled to end the summer with good news. Her enthusiasm stems from the creation of a new site that will allow her team to offer advanced clinical studies to the population of the Mauricie region.

In April 2020, Diex Research opened the doors of its new centre in Joliette, less than two years later, the company is opening a new facility at 6500 Gène-H.-Kruger Blvd in Trois-Rivières. The company will have its own facilities within the Centre cardiovasculaire de la Mauricie, which will allow patients to have easy access to several areas of expertise under one roof and will also facilitate collaboration with the doctors working at the clinic. “The choice of Trois-Rivières was a strategic one for us, as it will be the central geographic location in relation to our four other research sites,” says Suzie.

Diex Research is a private research company dedicated to conducting Phase I to IV clinical trials in Quebec. In addition, it is one of Canada’s leading clinical research centres and cofounder of HyperCORE International, a network of highly experienced and award-winning clinical research sites working together to accelerate and advance research. The company now has over 65 employees involved in its success. Diex will be looking for employees with a variety of skills to fill positions in the new clinical research centre, including: research nurse, research coordinator and laboratory assistant. In addition, the company will also be seeking family physicians, as well as specialty physicians from all therapeutic areas to conduct new studies.

Providing new and safe treatments that will eventually reach the market is the goal of all companies in the clinical research field, and with over 15 years of experience and now a 5th site, Diex Research is putting all of its energy into achieving it. The new site in Trois-Rivières represents the continuity of the efforts invested over the years.

Trois-Rivières is the city in the province of Quebec with the most cases of cardiovascular disease and a very large expertise in cardiology. “More than 20% of the population of the Mauricie and Centre-du-Québec regions is suffering from cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension or heart failure, which makes them an ideal location for a research clinic to conduct studies and offer new treatments to patients.”

– Suzie Talbot, President of Diex Research

 Support for SMEs

The Fonds d’aide aux entreprises privées et des sociétés de services de la ville de Trois-Rivières aims to support private and social economy businesses in their expansion or establishment projects. The objective is to stimulate the economy, diversification and job creation. Diex is one of the companies that has been supported with a $10,000 grant to help set up its new research centre.

Participating in a clinical study: a new opportunity for the Mauricie and Centre-du-Québec regions

If you are interested in a project, how does the process work? The first step is to explain the study over the phone. You will then meet with a member of the team who can answer your questions. Next comes the medical tests or exams. Finally, if you meet the selection criteria, you can begin the clinical study. You will receive medical supervision throughout the study.

Dr. Sia, one of the main founders of the Centre cardiovasculaire de la Mauricie, will collaborate on clinical research to improve the prognosis of patients in the region. “Today’s drugs are the result of intensive research in the past. To continue to innovate and find the best treatment for our cardiovascular patients, I believe that clinical research is the key to success. I am very proud of the collaboration with Diex for research in the cardiovascular field and I am confident that Diex will enable us to accomplish our mission and meet the needs of our patients.”

– Dr. Sia, Cardiologist at the Centre cardiovasculaire de la Mauricie

Finally, it is an opportunity for the residents of Trois-Rivières and surrounding areas to have access to innovative treatments provided by an extremely competent team, whose first principle is the safety and well-being of patients.

For more information on the upcoming studies:

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Suzie Talbot


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