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March 15, 2023—Diex Research announces the official opening of its Quebec City site since its relocation on September 12, 2022, which is now located at Place de la Cité. Diex Research is a leader in the clinical research industry and is committed to providing superior services to its clients while maintaining the highest standards for safety and ethics. With its new strategic location, Diex Research reinforces its commitment to innovation and cutting-edge research in Quebec.


The Diex Research site in Quebec City is located at 2600, boul. Laurier, Suite 293, G1V 4T3, which provides easy access to public transportation, proximity to the La Cité Médicale clinic and an increased visibility due to the mall’s traffic. The site is equipped with the latest technology and has an experienced staff capable of providing a full range of high-quality clinical research services.


The president of Diex Research, Suzie Talbot, said: “We are pleased to announce the official opening of the new site location in Quebec City. We are confident that our presence here will strengthen our ability to provide innovative and high-quality solutions to our participants, while supporting cutting-edge clinical research in Quebec.”


Diex Research is proud to collaborate with local partners, such as La Cité Médicale, to provide additional services and conduct innovative clinical studies that will have a positive impact on population health.


Opportunity for employment, collaboration and participation


Diex Research’s new premises represent a major investment and a major step in the company’s growth, with a significant 3831 square feet of space. As a leader in clinical research in Quebec, Diex Research is proud of its contribution to the local economy and the creation of new specialized jobs in the field of clinical research.


Diex Research also offers an exciting employment opportunity for health care professionals and is currently seeking a nurse and an administrative assistant to join its team. Diex Research staff have the opportunity to gain first-hand experience in the field of clinical research, while contributing to the improvement of participant health.


The company continually collaborates with and welcomes physicians from various specialties who want to diversify their role and offer alternative treatments to their patients. Our turnkey offering includes several services that allow collaborating physicians to focus on clinical research while benefiting from our expertise and support in project management and regulatory compliance. We offer support for all stages of clinical studies, including planning, set-up, recruitment, follow-up, data collection and more.


In addition, Diex Research offers access to more than a dozen ongoing clinical studies in various fields of interest, including gastroenterology, dermatology, certain respiratory conditions, migraines, and some vaccines, and plans to add several others, thus providing an opportunity for increased accessibility to experimental treatments for participants. Visit to register for the study that meets your health needs.


For more information about Diex Research, please contact them at 1 844 739-3439 or visit


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