Menopause-related Vasomotor Symptoms (hot flashes/flushes) / At least 7 per day


Menopause-related Vasomotor Symptoms (hot flashes/flushes) / 7 hot flashes or more per day

We are currently recruiting for a clinical trial at DIEX Recherche for women who suffer from hot flashes. The effectiveness of an investigational treatment is being evaluated.

You may be eligible if:

  • You are women 40 to 65 years of age 
  • BMI of between 18kg/m2 and 38 kg/m2

Eligible candidates will be followed-up by a medical team and may receive reimbursements for their travel expenses. Contact DIEX Recherche today for more information  

I want to apply to this clinical study


For more information, contact us at
819 260-1172 (Victoriaville), 819 346-2887 (Sherbrooke)
or fill the online form.

The study process in pictures


Step 1 | Before you agree to take part in a study, we take the time over the telephone to explain both the selection and study process to you.


Step 2 | If, after the initial telephone interview, you are still interested in taking part in a study, we schedule a preliminary meeting with you during which you may ask all the questions you wish and take the time you require to read over the consent form. This form explains, in detail, the different stages of each study.


Step 3 | You may make a decision at that time to move forward with or terminate the selection process. However, you are under no obligation to make an immediate decision. Based on briefing content, you may take the time necessary to come to a decision and consult with your personal physician or loved ones.


Step 4 | Depending on the nature of the study, certain tests or medical examinations may be required. In the majority of cases, these tests or examinations are conducted on Diex Research premises based on your individual availability.


Step 5 | If you meet the selection criteria, you may then begin a clinical study with us.