The clinical research in one look

Health Canada required that all new medication available in pharmacies have been the subject of a clinical research project in Quebec.  Those researches are also mandatory, in order to be able to use a medication for another indication than which it has been approved.

The clinical research is intended to demonstrate that a new molecule or an existing molecule is effective and safe for the treatment or prevention of a particular health condition in humans.

The 4 phases of a clinical research

  • I

    The first administration

    PHASE 1 | The first phase is performed on healthy subjects, meaning not affected by the condition. The purpose of this step is to verify that the medication is secured.

  • II

    The ideal doses

    PHASE 2 | The next step is done with the help of participants with the condition. The objective is to validate the highest dosage.

  • III

    The comparative test

    PHASE 3 | The efficacity of the study medication is checked on a significant number of participants with the condition.


  • IV

    The long-term follow-up

    PHASE 4 | The fourth phase is used to obtain more information about the medication once it is available for sale. We can try to find an even more effective dosage or to establish if the medication could relieve other health conditions.


DIEX carries out phase 2, 3 and 4 research projects

Participate in a research project

  • Before starting the study, we will take time to fully explain the selection process and the conduct of the study by phone.
  • If you are interested in the study, we will arrange a preliminary meeting with you, where you can ask all yours questions and read the consent form. This form will explain all the steps of the study in detail.
  • You can decide whether to continue the selection process. However, you are not required to accept at this time.
  • With the information you have received, you will have the necessary time to make your decision and to consult your doctor or your family.
  • According to the study, some tests or medical examination may be required. In the majority of cases, these tests or exams are carried out on the premises of Diex Research and are done according to your availability.
  • If you answer the selection criterias, you can start the clinical study with us.


Doctor Marcel Germain explain clinical research