We are looking for general practitioners and specialists like you, right now!

Whether you have a few hours a month to spend on research or want to conduct research projects on an almost full-time basis, Diex Research adapts to your needs, regardless of your situation. Our dedicated clinical research team is here to support you.

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• Whether you have a research background or not
• If you have an interest in research
• If you wish to offer sporadic involvement while referring patients
• If you want to refer potentially eligible patients
• If your goal is to lead a study

Be at the forefront of cutting-edge treatments. Become a driver of innovation.

At Diex Research, the future of medicine is in your hands.

Schedules based on your availability

We are committed to providing quality care to our patients. In order to do that, we have to take into account the availability of our doctors. We therefore set our work schedules according to each physician’s availability, ensuring that there is sufficient coverage to meet our patients’ visits. We know that flexibility is important to our participants, and we do our best to offer schedules that meet their needs. However, the availability of our doctors is our top priority, as this ensures that we can provide meetings with participants in an optimal atmosphere.

Depending on your area of interest

If you are a physician with a passion for your medical field and a desire to help improve the quality of life for your patients, you will find Diex Research to be a stimulating professional environment in which to achieve your aspirations.

No administrative burden

Our turnkey offering includes a number of services that allow you to focus on clinical research while benefiting from our expertise and support in project management and regulatory compliance. We offer support for all stages of clinical studies, including planning, set-up, implementation, recruitment, follow-up and data collection, etc. It also allows you to focus your time entirely on patient care and research advancement. We have a team of experienced clinical research, regulatory compliance and project management professionals who work closely with physicians to ensure that studies are conducted efficiently.

Access to industry’s most innovative studies

Working with us, you will have the opportunity to lead innovative clinical studies and contribute to new treatment protocols. You will also be able to provide high-quality care to patients participating in our studies, while learning the latest techniques and discoveries in clinical research.

Various clinical studies

Our network of state-of-the-art private research sites is dedicated to contributing to clinical trials offering new treatments in a variety of fields such as pain management, cardiac and respiratory conditions, psychiatry, neurology, dermatology, gastroenterology, epidemiology, and many others.

Negotiation and budget management with pharmaceutical companies

At Diex, we get our own studies, since 2006 we have developed relationships with pharmaceutical companies who offer us very interesting protocols. We do all the business development to find the projects that interest you. Everything is handled, including budget and contract negotiations, regulatory affairs, coordination, marketing, recruitment of participants, etc.

Our highly efficient and unique business model has been the key to our success!

DIEX Research has created dedicated teams with specific expertise that are delegated in the five sites to better serve our customers and patients!

  • Experienced Management Team
  • More than 40 physicians (general practitioners and specialists)
  • Professional research staff
  • Site activation coordinator
  • Specialists dedicated to patient recruitment
  • Experienced marketing team
  • Regulatory Affairs Experts
  • Data entry team
  • Centralized contract and budget negotiation

Turnkey service

If you’re in medicine, you’ve chosen to make a difference in people’s lives. With Diex Research, you can have an even greater positive impact by helping to make new treatments available to patients. Too often, lack of time and resources, as well as cumbersome procedures and paperwork, result in little physician participation in clinical research projects.

At Diex, you focus on your expertise and don’t have to worry about the technical elements that are essential to the proper conduct of the study. Diex Research ensures that clinical trials are managed in accordance with standards, including training of caregivers, expertise in study selection, budget negotiation and management, medication management, provision of suitable facilities, equipment calibration, etc.

Thus, we offer you an enriching and stimulating medical practice with qualified and trained personnel, without the administrative and logistical hazards of conducting clinical research.

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At Diex Research, we never give up when faced with an obstacle. We are passionate about what we do. We are committed to success and to finding innovative solutions that lead to medical advances that impact people’s futures. Because knowing how to search is knowing how to reinvent yourself.