What is Diex?

One study: one solution! That is what Diex Recherche offers – a private clinical research company conducting phase I to IV trials.

Diex has a unique business model. Our innovative spheres of activity, high standards of quality and expertise set us apart from the competition. Diex has developed an exceptional turnkey solution that groups all of its services under one roof.

Whether it is receiving patients, accommodating specialists or holding business meetings, we have the perfect solution for you.

Our values

  • Integrity

    A core value that is at the heart of each action taken by Diex. We are recognized for our transparency, our honesty and our professionalism.

  • Passion

    Passion shapes the team’s desire to constantly do better, exceed expectations and push back limits.

  • Excellence

    A constant drive for excellence: constantly doing more for the patient’s well-being and safety. Seeking the greatest expertise in order to offer innovation.