Every year less and less doctors participate in clinical research projects either because of lack of time or of resources. This phenomenon can partially be explained by the sheer quantity of procedures and administrative formalities, which have increased considerably over the past years. To this we add a long list of prerequisites essential to the smooth functioning of the study: calibration of instruments, training of medical staff, medication management, availability of suitable premises, etc.

Thus, the first objective of research is often relegated to the background, behind other concerns. Yet, none should forget what is at the heart of research:

  • Patients
    who benefit from cutting edge treatments.
  • Scientific and technological
    progress that improves practices.

The solution

The unique platform that we have created takes charge of managing the study while you concentrate on what is most important: treating patients and following up on their health.

It is a turnkey solution where you make the decisions: Diex implements them.

You can be either principal investigator, where you have full control of the study, or co-investigator, which allows you to actively participate in the studies that interest you.

Concentrate only on your study, not on related processes.

We at Diex are aware of this reality.

Your participation to clinical trial is crucial and allow you to diversify your medecine ball park activities. Whatever your motivation, we shape your study so that you derive the expected benefit.

We partnered with the Diex Research team to ensure that clinical trials are fully managed while respecting the standards.

Dr. John R. Keyserlingk

Dr. John R. Keyserlingk explains how VM Medical and Diex Research work together to defeat breast cancer

Several reasons motivate different researchers or clinicians to do research

  • Acquisition of new knowledge
  • Clinical Research Training
  • Update on current and changing treatments
  • Access to innovation
  • Opportunity to participate in the development of new treatments
  • Practice different from clinic or hospital environment