In order to participate to one of our studies, you must first contact our team. It will be our pleasure to answer all your interrogations and to give you the information required concerning our clinical research.

You will receive a financial compensation for your travel.

For more information, do not hesitate to communicate with us at 819 346-2877 (Sherbrooke), 819 260-1172 (Victoriaville), 581 477-3439 (Quebec) or 579 841-0571 (Joliette).

  • Benign prostatic hyperplasia w...

    Smokers and Non smokers
    45 and older
    11 visits over 24 weeks
    Québec, Sherbrooke, Victoriaville
    $60 per visit
    Up to $660
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary ...

    Men and Women
    Smokers and Non smokers
    40 to 75 years old
    19 visits
    Québec, Sherbrooke, Victoriaville
    Up to $1 330
  • High Cholesterol / Hyperlipide...

    Men and Women
    Smokers and Non smokers
    18 years old and over
    15 weeks
    Québec, Sherbrooke, Victoriaville
    $50 per visit
    Up to $200
  • Hot flashes

    16 visits

    Smokers and Non smokers
    40 to 65 years old
    16 visits for 18 months
    Up to $1152

The study process in pictures


Step 1 | Before starting the study, we will take time to fully explain the selection process and the conduct of the study by phone.


Step 2 | After the initial phone interview, if you are still interested in taking part in a study, we schedule a preliminary meeting with you during which you may ask all the questions you wish and take the time you require to read over the consent form. This form explains, in detail, the different stages of each study.


Step 3 | You may make a decision at that time to move forward with or terminate the selection process. However, you are under no obligation to make an immediate decision. Based on briefing content, you may take the time necessary to come to a decision and consult with your personal physician or loved ones.


Step 4 | Depending on the nature of the study, some tests or medical examinations may be required. In the majority of cases, these tests or examinations are conducted on Diex Research premises based on your individual availability.


Step 5 | If you are eligible, you may then begin a clinical study with us.