DIEX Recherche is committed to protecting information from users of its website that is collected, used and disclosed where appropriate, in accordance with the requirements of applicable regulations.

Being responsible for the personal information it controls, whether obtained directly  indirectly from customers or third parties, DIEX Recherche undertakes by this policy to  the confidential and secure treatment of your personal information. This policy outlines, general terms, the life cycle terms of the information we collect about you while you are browsing this website.


This policy only applies to the use of this site and to information collected from contests on our web site. When agreements are reached with service providers or agents to obtain storage services, management and information processing services, this policy does not apply. However, we require that our service agreements contain provisions for the protection and confidentiality of information comparable to our data protection requirements.


This site offers links to other websites. We advise you to read the privacy policy that applies to the websites you visit since information exchanged by intermediaries that we do not control is not subject to this policy.



Once you access our website, an exchange of information between your computer and our server takes place without the need for any intervention on your part. Without being identified personally, we bring to your attention that the information exchanged concerns:

  • The Internet domain name
  • Browser type or operating system
  • The date and time you access the site
  • The visited pages

This exchange of information is necessary for statistical purposes, in order to know the computer technology used by our users, the country of origin of our Internet users as well asto count the number of visitors.

Please refer to the sections below to learn more about the data automatically transmitted between computers.



A cookie is an information file that is placed on your browser by a server when you visit a website. The latter can be retrieved by this server during subsequent visits. Cookies can only be read by the website that transmits them to your computer. These inform us of the computer devices that you use as well as your interactions in our Web world. They are used to facilitate browsing on the pages of this site, to measure our performance, as well as to compile statistical data.

At any time, the user can set his/her browser to block the cookies. However, the user should be aware that this action may deprive him/her of certain features available on the site.

The types of cookies used are generally classified into four classes:

  1. Strictly necessary cookies: They are useful for the website to function normally and they cannot be disabled.

  2. Performance indicators: These allow you to count visits and sources of traffic on our site. If they are disabled, we will not know when you visited our site.

  3. Feature cookies: If disabled, features will not be optimal or will fail.

  4. Targeting cookies: These are used to gather information about your activities on our website and other sites in order to profile your interests. By disabling them, you are taking away our targeted advertising on other websites.

We also use log files to store, through a server, each of the requests that were sent to said server to measure the volume of transactions, all in order to improve our website and customize its content.



When you subscribe to our services voluntarily, or subscribe to our newsletter, the personal information we collect about you includes:

  • Your first and last name
  • Your address and personal contact information
  • Your email address
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Any information provided on a voluntary basis
  • Necessary information to offer you our services



We use information collected for a number of purposes, including:

  • In order to customize and personalize the content of our website
  • Better understand your needs and upgrade our services
  • Authenticate yourself
  • To better understand the digital interactions concerning our company
  • To communicate with you
  • To update your patient file
  • To evaluate your eligibility to participate in an ongoing or future clinical study
  • To generate general profiles of users of our website

This information is not used for other purposes. In addition, if you choose to send us personal information by email, we will only use the information required to respond to your request.



At no time will the information collected about you be made public or sold. In certain circumstances, however, it may be communicated :

  • If we have the consent to do so;
  • In the case where we work jointly with partners in order to promote our services and evaluate our performance;
  • If we need to share your information in order to be able to provide you with the professional services to be rendered (should the service delivery required it);
  • If the transmission is required by law and we must comply.

Transmission of information is limited to what is necessary and appropriate in order to provide you with our services.



The principles underlying the regulatory model in force in the European Union, Canada and Quebec include those of informed consent, the collection of data appropriate and adapted to the objectives pursued, the confidentiality, the right to access and rectification of information.

To all our European users we cannot guarantee that our policy meets all the requirements of the regulations applicable to you. However, we assure you that we are striving to develop and implement a policy that respects the broad principles of data protection, all in a perspective of alignment of the different regulations currently in force around the world.


In order to avoid the risk of security incidents related to the various data collected on our website, we have implemented internal measures to ensure the security of information. We protect personal information in our records and records management system against loss, misuse, unauthorized access and tampering using secure facilities, password  practices and standard security tools and well-defined internal policies and practices. In  event of a security breach, we will do our best to limit any potential harm.


Clients and users of this website who wish to consult their personal information contained in our files may apply to the following address for access: and contact our Officer.